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Art Urban Regen Partnership involves 5 organizations from 4 European countries committed to developing high quality products based on their fields of interest and experience, namely: Power Net Consulting - Romania, FyG Consultores - Spain, KulturLife – Germany, Mobilizing Expertise - Sweden and Nod Makerspace – Romania.  


The objective of Art Urban Regen project is to address spaces with regeneration potential in the project partners’ countries and not only, by giving the necessary training to build entrepreneurial and creative minds. This will be achieved by allowing the refurbish of abandoned buildings or other unused sites that have been left aside for a long period of time, therefore improving the quality of the cities and various economic sectors.
The main benefit expected is to raise the competitiveness of citizens making them more qualified to fit in the labor market needs and to respond to their cities needs in terms of urban regeneration. In the long term, this process of helping people gaining new skills is extremely beneficial for new communities and businesses. The involvement of local people is the main focus of a renewal program whose purpose is to be oriented towards the needs of the present residents and users of a specific area, and to be planned and carried out in cooperation with them.


The project is targeting both adults in need for qualification and educators in urban regeneration, entrepreneurship and creative industries. The training program and tools will be available to all the organizations and structures supporting target groups along with all the necessary resources, developed by its partners and initiators. The project will also involve decision-makers, experts, specialists, professionals in the field of urban regeneration. A secondary target group in need for awareness rising will comprise local entities, private and public operator, professional organizations and competent authorities, and experts and trainers in other fields, also followers of the project in social media and web page and visitors of the partners pages.

These groups will be directly involved in the project activities. The innovation of this project on its cross- sector approach, and its aim to develop both the artistic entrepreneurial and urban regeneration skills of this low-skilled adults, by developing and offering training session on urban regeneration and artistic entrepreneurship.




Kick-off meeting in Bucharest, Romania


Between the 9 th and 10 th of October 2018, ArtUrbanRegen partners have met for the first time in Bucharest, Romania, with Power Net Consulting as hosting organization. The purpose of the meeting was to get to know each partner and its experience and to plan the next steps in the development of the ArtUrbanRegen activities and the main reporting, communication and dissemination tools.



2nd transnational meeting in Valencia, Spain


On 16th and 17th of July 2019, ArtUrbanRegen partners have met for the 2nd Project meeting in Valencia, Spain, with FyG Consultores as hosting organization. The purpose of the meeting was to review the work that has been done and the results on the main Intellectual Outputs of the project: the Training Package that consists in a set of guidelines and methodologies on how to deliver the training on the topic, but also a collection of tools and the State of development of the ArtUrbanRegen e-learning platform where the Training Package will be available in all the partnership languages, English, Spanish, Romanian, German and Swedish, The meeting was concluded with establishing the next steps for the successful implementation of the project.



3rd transnational meeting in Kiel, Germany


Art Urban Consortium has taken giant steps to increase the knowledge of art urban and entrepreneurship, our main goals. For that reason, the consortium held their 3rd meeting in Kiel (Germany), in the offices of Kultur Life. During the 10th and 11th of December, colleagues from Romania, Sweden, Germany and Spain, discussed about the evolution of the project, reviewed the work done, and prepared the final tasks that will be implemented until the end of the project.

Also, enjoyed great Kiel Christmas Market, and ate delicious food!



4th transnational virtual project meeting


For the last project meeting, the Art Urban Regen partnership was supposed to travel to Lund, Sweden where our Swedish partner - Mobilizing Expertise was supposed to host us for two working days. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic that challenged the whole world this year, made traveling difficult, so the partners, for safety measure, decided to meet in a virtual setting to discuss and plan the final aspect of the project, the dissemination of our two year of hard work results, the organizing of the multiplier events and the project sustainability after its completion. And even though we couldn`t shake hands at the end of the meeting, we sent each other virtual greetings, with the promise of further collaborations.


LTTA Training in Valencia, Spain


Between 15th and 19th of July, 18 people interested in Urban Regeneration gathered in Valencia (Spain), where the LTTA (Learning, Teaching, Training Activities) took place to participate in the face-to-face training sessions during the 5-day-workshop, with the objective of testing the Training Package of Urban Regeneration. The event was hosted by FyG Consultores in collaboration with Power Net Consulting SRL.


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